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Delivery via Pickup point is a practical solution that is flexible for all of your customers with active lifestyles who are rarely at home.
Thanks to DPD Relais, they benefit from a local network, with 95% of the French population living less than 15 minutes away from a Pickup point.

Our logistics rely on a network of over 5,000 local shops (tobacconists/newsagents, grocery shops, florists, etc), carefully selected for their geographical location, their storage capacity, their opening hours, etc.

When you choose DPD Relais, you´re opting for quality of service and therefore also the loyalty of your customers!

By choosing our DPD Relais service you are offering flexibility to your customers. They can choose where and when to collect their parcels.

The advantages of our network:

  • Longer opening hours for customers to pickup their packages (75% of Pickup points open between 9am and 7pm).
  • Pickup points with weekend opening: 100% of our pickup points are open on Saturdays and almost 50% on Sunday.
  • Parcels kept at the Pickup point for 9 days for greater freedom.
  • Control of the delivery from start to finish via SMS or Email notifications upon arrival of the package at the Pickup point.
  • Detailed tracking of the shipment status of your customers parcels through Report services or simply via online parcel tracking.

For fast and user-friendly integration with your online store, we suggest that you download our e-solutions.
You will find all the explanations by platform.

Download our e-commerce solutions

We provide you with all the technical and human resources for you to offer the DPD Relais service to your customers (web service, e-commerce modules...)...

Our sales engineers are on-hand to assist you in case of difficulty with the integration of our module.

Whether you are Open Source (PrestaShop, Magento, Os Commerce ...) SAAS-based (WiziShop, Powerboutique, Thelia ...) or the owner of a fully customised site, we have the solution.


DPD contractual liability is established by the GTC, in accordance with to the provisions of the Transport Code (Decree No. 2017-461 of 31 March 2017), to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) of 19 May 1956 and the Warsaw Conventions of October 12, 1929 and Montreal of May 28, 1999.. In case of loss, damage, or any material damage resulting in total or partial destruction of parcels and goods entrusted to the company, DPD and its insurers are liable for up to €33 per kilo, with a maximum of €1000 per parcel.

Your packages must comply with standards for optimal industrialised handling.
This guarantees you savings, quality of handling, increased productivity and security for your goods.
DPD transports parcels of 0 to 20 kg to Pickup points, according to the following standards:

  • Maximum weight of 20 kg per package
  • Max length: 100 cm
  • Total Dimensions (l+w2+h2) < 250